Jungle Safari Naya Raipur

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur is also known as Nandanvan Jungle Safari. It is located at sector-39, Naya Raipur. This is spread in total of 800 acres of beautiful landscapes. Also, it has 130 Acre of water reservoir named ‘Khandwa Reservoir’ which attracts many migratory bird species. There are many things to do and explore in this Jungle. Therefore, read this article for complete details on the same.

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur:

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur is most of a Zoo than a real jungle. Also, utmost care is taken that the ambiance matches the nature. Therefore, this helps animals to feel free and not captive. Management of Nandanvan Jungle Safari is taking a very good care of the same. The details of this place is as follows:

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur – Types:

At present there are 4 safari functioning in this place whoes details are as follows:

1. Herbivore Jungle Safari Naya Raipur:

This is spread in a land measuring total of 75 acres. The mesmerizing view of this safari is man made. Yet, it feels like a natural habitat. Therefore, all the care from the management and planners have been taken so that the animals stay and live healthy in their natural environment. Also, fenced enclosure is made for taking care, feeding & up-keeping the animals in this premises. There are two night shelters made for those wild animals, who need special attention or are sick. Therefore, Animals those are found in this section are as follows:

  • Spotted Deer
  • Sambar
  • Black Buck
  • Barking Deer
  • Blue Bull

2. Bear Jungle Safari Naya Raipur:

Nandan Van Zoo & Safari has allotted 50 acres of land for Bear Safari. This enclosure is protedted by chain linked fence.  Also, there are artificially developed water bodies, hillock, and a cave for their leisure. Therefore they feel in their natural environment. Also, facilities to feed them and taking care of them along with night shelter are made.

A 2.4 km path is also made for visitors so that they can enjoy watching these animals in their natural environment. Also, battery operated vehicles are available for visitors convenience. Hence, all the safety measures are taken for their visitors as well as the animals.

3. Tiger Jungle Safari Naya Raipur:

Tiger Safari is one of the favorite and popular safari for everyone. At Nandanvan Jungle Safari it is not different. This has been allotted a land ad-measuring 50 acres. This safari too has chain linked fencing. Also, the man made environment looks natural with grasslands, water bodies and woods. Also, small water pools are made for tigers so that they can take a short bath to beat the heat. Therefore, facilities have been built for care-taking, feeding & providing them prime attention. Also, there is a 2.3 km visitor’s path along with battery operated cars for visitors to sight the Tiger.

4. Lion Jungle Safari Naya Raipur:

Lions can be seen in Gir forest in Gujarat. Also, it is sometimes difficult for enthusiast to reach the lions in Gujarat due to multiple reasons. Nandanvan Jungle Safari has a solution for this. This zone has a spread of 20.15 hector. Also, there are all the same facilities for the visitors which are available in other zones. The lion is classified as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Therefore, utmost care is taken for them to feel in their natural habitat. Also, care for Lions food and health is the top priority here.

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur – Time Slots and Seats:

Time Slots
1st Mar to 30th Sep (Slot 1)1st Oct to 28th / 29th Feb (Slot 2)A.C.A.C.Non-A.C.Non-A.C.
10:00 A.M.09:30 A.M.2020120120
11:30 A.M.11:00 A.M.2020120120
01:00 P.M.12:30 P.M.2020120120
02:30 P.M.02:00 P.M.2020120120
04:00 P.M.03:30 P.M.2020120120
Total Seats100100600600

Jungle Safari Naya Raipur – Entry Fees and Cost:

DetailsA.C. Rate (INR)Non-A.C. Rate (INR)
18 years and above150.00100.00
12 – 18 years50.0025.00
0 – 12 yearsNo ChargesNo Charges
18 years and above1000.00500.00
Below 18 years800.00400.00

Other Costs at Nandanvan Jungle Safari:

DetailsRate (INR)
Still / Digital Camera100.00
Handy Cam / Video Camera (Normal)500.00
Video Camera (Commercial)Decided after permission

Cancellation Charges of Jungle Safari Naya Raipur:

DurationDeduction Charge
59 to 30 days prior to date of Visit25% of Ticket Amount
29 to 15 days prior to date of Visit50% of Ticket Amount
14 to 06 days prior to date of Visit75% of Ticket Amount
05 days prior to date of VisitNo refunds will be given

Other Enclosures at Nandanvan Jungle Safari:

There are many other interesting things to do and see here. Some of their best other attractions are as follows:



This place is about 35km from Raipur Railway Station and 15km from the Swami Vivekanand Airport, Raipur. Raipur is a well known city located in Chhattisgarh State, India.

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