Gangtok to Lachung and Lachung to Zero Point, Lachen and Pelling

gangtok to lachung, lachung to zero point, lachen to lachung, lachung to pelling

Gangtok to Lachung is about 116 Km by road. It is a great experience for a traveler to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. Also, these shall be explaind in details below along with details of travelling from Lachung to Zero Point, Lachung to Pelling and Lachen to Lachung.

Gangtok to Lachung:

Gangtok to Lachung is a tourist hot destination in the North Sikkim which can be traveled conveniently by road. As mentioned earlier the total distance between this destinations is 116 km. The route covers areas like Gangtok – Tingda – Phodong – Sheyam – Mangan – Sentam – Tung – Chungthang – Khedum – Lachung.

There are no Flights or Trains available from Gangtok to Lachung. Therefore, Road travel is the only option to cover such destinations. Private vehicles is the most convenient option. Also, you get Hired vehicles easily and therefore, travelling to these places is not that difficult. Also, Government and private buses are one of the options to reach the destination.

In this journey from Gangtok to Lachung you shall experience the breathtaking view of Hills covered with Snow. Also, you shall see deep valleys and rivers flowing through them. It is a once in a lifetime experience and recommended to feel the scenic beauty of this region. Lachen to Lachung is also a similar experience.

Lachung to Zero Point along with Gangtok to Lachung:

gangtok to lachung, lachung to zero point, lachen to lachung, lachung to pelling

Lachung to Zero Point is about 50 Km drive. It takes approx 3 – 4 hrs to reach the destination depending on the conditions. The roads might test your patience but once you reach, it is all worth travelling. UnlikeGangtok to Lachung,visiting this Point needs permissions of the Government. Also this attracts a small entry fee to visit this region. These restrictions are implemented as Zero Point is very near to the China Border. As this is an border of India, this is the last point where you may see civilians. After this point there is no one allowed.

Vehicles registered with Sikkim Tourism can take tourist to this place. These vehicles are available very easily. Here the Oxygen levels are Low. Therefore extra care is recommended. This place is completely covered in snow. Your travel from Lachung up to Zero Point itself describes the beauty of this place. It is a altogether different experience than that of Gangtok to Lachung.

Lachen to Lachung:

gangtok to lachung, lachung to zero point, lachen to lachung, lachung to pelling

Lachen to Lachung is a 47 Km drive. It takes about 2 hours to reach the destination. Just like Gangtok to Lachung travelers enjoy this ride. You experience good roads along with mountains on all sides. Also, you see deep vallys and Lachen river flowing in the valley. it is a mesmerizing view. The route to reach the same consist of areas like Lachung – Khedum – Maltim – BOP – Yuigang – Latong – Lachen.

Lachung to Pelling:

Lachung to Pelling is another great road trip. It comprises of a total distance of 171 Km if you take a route via NH 510. It takes about 7 Hours to reach by road. Major villages coming in this route are Lachung – Chungthang – Tung – Mangan – Tintek – Yangang – Ravangla – Geyzing – Pelling.

Recommended to visit Pelling form Gangtok and then to Lachung. It is near from Gangtok. There are lots of things to do in Pelling like Monestry, Kanchenjunga Waterfalls, Khecheopalri Lake, Kanchenjunga National Park, Local Market, Sewaro Rock Garden, Singshore Bridge, Pelling Skywalk, etc. it is a must visit from Lachung to Pelling.

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