Dalhousie Snowfall, Mall Road, Trekking, Camping and Paragliding

Dalhousie Snowfall, Mall Road, Trekking, Camping and Paragliding

Dalhousie Snowfall is one of the major attractions for tourists other than the sightseeing. Being one of the beautiful a hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, one easily gets mesmerized in the beauty of the city. But, As we all know, the winters in the Himachal Pradesh are severe and mostly receive a snowfall. Same goes with Dalhousie. This article describes all the exclusive things to do in Dalhousie like Dalhousie mall road, Dalhousie trekking, Dalhousie camping and paragliding in Dalhousie.

Dalhousie Snowfall:

Dalhousie Snowfall, Mall Road, Trekking, Camping and Paragliding

Dalhousie Snowfall season starts from December to February. Also, the winter starts from October to February. But, if you want to enjoy the Dalhousie Snowfall then you must plan your visit only in mid December and not before that. This season is also famous for the adventure activities in the city. Most of the tourists visit this place in winters as this region is completely active for outdoor activities. Dalhousie Snowfall increases the beauty of this place. The temperature in winter ranges from 1 to 10 degree Celsius.

During the Dalhousie snowfall, you will experience peaks covered with snow. Tourists prefer to enjoy the snowfall at Khajjiar, Chamba &Devdar. Outdoor sports and activities like Dalhousie mall road visit for shopping and leisure, Dalhousie trekking in the snow covered mountains, Dalhousie camping besides the lake or open fields and paragliding in Dalhousie during this season. Make sure to carry enough warm cloths to enjoy these activities. Details of the above activities are given below.

It is highly recommended that if you want to experience the Dalhousie snowfall along with the outdoor activities, then you must plan for a minimum 4 nights 5 days holiday. In this way, you may enjoy this place to the fullest.

Dalhousie Mall Road and Dalhousie Snowfall:

Dalhousie Mall road is the main commercial road where you find all the fun activities like shopping, restaurants, clubs, bars. Also, you will find other commercial activities like offices and shops for your daily needs, Travel agents and coordinators etc. Dalhousie Mall road is the only market place in the city. You may also enjoy the Tibetian market where you will get woolens and other accessories to enjoy Dalhousie snowfall.

Dalhousie Mall road is a crowded place, specially in the evening as it is the only shopping and other commercial activity destination in this place. The beauty gets more enriched in the winters and specially in Dalhousie snowfall. Gandhi chowk on this road is very famous for tasty food of all variety. You will find malls and authentic traditional items here which you may take with you as a souvenir.

Dalhousie Trekking:

Dalhousie Snowfall, Mall Road, Trekking, Camping and Paragliding

Dalhousie trekking is one of the activity loved by the enthusiasts. There are various destinations for Dalhousie trekking and you may find many operators who help you to arrange for a group trek. The famous destinations for Dalhousie trekking are as follows:

  • Dainkund Peak: This is the highest point of this hill station. It is also known as Witch’s Pond related to a story saying Witches lived on this peak. This peak has a scenic view all around. Rivers like Sutlej, Beas, Ravi and Chenab could be seen while the trek. Dalhousie trekking is full of lush green landscapes and great views of flower valleys, Khajjar Lake and tall Deodar trees. Snow mountains can be seen in dalhousie snowfall season. This trek is of 3-4 hours. While return one can enjoy snow sliding and snow play.
  • Khajjiar Trek: Khajjiar is also known as Switzerland of India. This is one of the best Dalhousie trekking. It is also famous for a lake surrounding with forest. Tourists tend to visit this place more due to the scenery. Also, It is a famous movie destination. A Jungle trail from Kalatop leads to Khajjiar.
  • Kalatop Sanctuary Trek: An animal sanctuary situated at Kalatop and Khajjiar. It has good trek paths connecting both the destination together. Common animals found here are Pheasants, serow and black bear. Ravi River passes through this sanctury surrounded by Oak trees. We can see Pir Punjal range in this trek.

Dalhousie camping:

Dalhousie Snowfall, Mall Road, Trekking, Camping and Paragliding

Dalhousie camping is once in a life time experience for those who love outdoor stay. Quiet and pleasant atmosphere along with Dalhousie snowfall in the lap of Himalayas gives pleasure and peace. As you find ample of lush green grasslands in these mountains, you have a lot of choice to pick your Dalhousie camping destinations. Some of the famous Dalhousie camping destinations are:

  • Kalatop Wildlife Reserve
  • Daikund Peak
  • Khajjiar (camp site is located 4km from Jot Pass)

You may carry your own tents or hire them from the operators. Also, you can enjoy a warm campfire in the chilly nights. Sunsets and sunrises will add up in the experience. Be sure to carry all the necessary needs. Also, you can avail a guide for the same who will help you in all the arrangements and transport. Also, you can cook your food on the firewood. Rock climbing and Repelling are some activities to try for leisure. All the provisions of Toilets, stay and other miscellaneous needs are arranged by the Dalhousie camping operators. If you are planning to camp without a operator then a good knowledge is necessary about the destination.

Paragliding in Dalhousie:

Paragliding in Dalhousie is also one of the activity enjoyed by tourist. Also, paragliding in Dalhousie is done in Khajjiar. Landscape of the surrounding Pir Panjal Mountain Range and Kalatop is the perfect destination for this activity. Snow mountains in the Dalhousie snowfall and beautiful landscape add up to this thrilling experience. Best time for paragliding in Dalhousie is from February to June. Also, the cost for paragliding is Rs. 1500/- per person for 15 to 20 minutes. The timings to enjoy paragliding in Khajjiar are from 7.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

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